How much does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Asbestos fibres, when airborne, are extremely dangerous and when inhaled are widely known to cause a variety of lung diseases, including asbestosis and mesothelioma, even lung cancer.

Many people wrongly assume that if they take a few necessary precautions, they can securely git rid of asbestos containing material on their own. It is a dangerous assumption because people still die from asbestos-related illnesses in Australia.

The most troubling fact is that we still have children whose health is suffering from asbestos related problems as a result of exposure during the renovations carried out in homes that were built before the 1980s.

Factors Influencing Costs of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos must be removed very carefully in a controlled environment to avoid the problems that are connected to its hazardous nature. The best way to find out about the cost of asbestos removal would be to ask a Class A (Friable Asbestos) and Class B (Bonded Asbestos) licensed contractor to provide you with prices.

The factors which impact the costs of asbestos removal are:

  • the amount of asbestos to be removed and disposed of;
  • site accessibility issues such as trees, impediment on fence lines, steep, roof slopes, etc; and
  • height and location of asbestos containing material

How do you know if your Home contains Asbestos?

According to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, one-third of current homes built between 1945 and 1980 contain asbestos in one form or another.

As a general rule, if your house was built:

  • before the mid-1980s: it is highly likely to contain asbestos materials or products
  • between the mid-1980s and 1990: it is likely to contain asbestos materials or products
  • after the 1990s: it is possible but unlikely to contain asbestos materials or products

For a comprehensive list of materials or products that may contain asbestos, see the following topics in our FAQ section.

  • What are the types of Asbestos? (Learn more)
  • Where might I find materials containing Asbestos? (Learn more)

If your home was built before the mid-1980s and you are planning to undertake a renovation project, then you should contact a licensed asbestos removal professional for a site inspection, and ask for a price to safely remove any asbestos found.

The Costs Involved in Asbestos Removal

Most asbestos removal companies will charge you per square metre for the removal of asbestos. Many factors will influence the rates they charge. Costs can go higher or lower, depending on the level of difficulty or ease of the job. Also, whether you have bonded or friable asbestos, friable being more expensive because of the extra precautions which must be taken.

If you have a very steep roof, for example, the costs will certainly go higher. Distance is another factor, and the distance to the tip as well as the tipping costs are also factors to be considered.

Fibre air monitoring is a good way to determine if your property is safe and will cost you about $500 to $1500. Air monitoring is only applicable when you are removing friable asbestos or in a commercial environment where it is mandatory.

At the end of the day, whatever the asbestos removal and disposal cost may be, it will not be higher than the cost of constant worry that you may have potentially created serious health problems for your family because you have done the job yourself, exposing them to the dangers of asbestos.

A1 Asbestos Removals is a very safety conscious company and we take all necessary precautions to keep our staff, customers and the wider community safe and well-informed about the dangers of asbestos.If you suspect that you may have asbestos in your home, then give us a call on 07 3274 1777 to get a no-obligation, highly competitive asbestos removal cost estimate today.

A1 Asbestos Removals

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In our recent kitchen renovation, A1 removed three large walls of asbestos for us. I was delighted with the high quality service at every step of the process, from first contact with the administration team (who clearly explained the process and regulations) to "the boys" on site - who were extremely polite, professional, tidy and quick. Their (site unseen) quote was very competitive, almost 40% cheaper than a competitors quote for the same service (including independent air quality testing). Very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend.

Evonne Miller