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A1 Asbestos Removals offers you professional and effective asbestos removal solutions. We are experienced in the removal of friable and bonded asbestos and provide you with a range of services such as waste management and waste tracking, controlled air monitoring and penetration work. Speak to us today for:

  • Full internal strip-outs, including high-rise and industrial buildings
  • Partial demolition
  • Asbestos removal (both bonded and friable)
  • Site decontamination and remediation

If inhaled, asbestos fibres pose a very real danger to health. Many older buildings still have asbestos present in the structure including roofs, walls, ceilings ,cladding and soffits/eaves.

For professional and reliable asbestos removal services in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold and Sunshine Coasts and surrounding areas, contact us today on 0431556151 or request a quote .

Our specialist technicians can clean and decontaminate residential, industrial or commercial properties and for your complete peace of mind, we will provide a clearance certificate on job completion.

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Our Asbestos Removal Process


Building Enclosure Construction
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Setup Enclosure Zones & Signage
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Negative air pressure contamination control
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Safe Waste Removal & Transportation
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Air Quality Monitoring
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Insulation Vacuuming
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Friable Asbestos Removal
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01 : Construction of the building enclosure (Friable Removal)

The design and installation of the enclosure takes into account the provision and location of decontamination facilities and precautions that must be met to prevent the spread of asbestos contamination outside the designated work area. We concentrate on air quality within the enclosure, as there must always be sufficient oxygen. Any machinery emitting potentially dangerous gases will be placed outside the enclosure. Our team will also note the temperature within the enclosure and any other hazards.

02 : Enclosure zones

Signage, partitions, fencing and barriers will be installed to ensure the public does not enter the work site. The security and safety of the removal site and work area will be maintained at all times. The site is to be clearly defined and marked to warn people that asbestos removal work is being carried out. The distance between working areas and barriers is determined by whether the ACM (Asbestos-Containing Material) is friable or bonded, the level of activity that surrounds the site, the method of removal and the types of barriers that are to be used.

03 : Negative air pressure contamination control

The construction of the building enclosure ensures that all airborne particles remain within the work site. To prevent the escape of airborne asbestos fibres from an enclosed work area, a negative air pressure unit will be installed to create negative air pressure within the enclosed area. The extraction equipment will operate continuously until all removal and decontamination tasks have been completed.

04 : Waste removal

A1 Asbestos Removals is fully licensed by the Environment Protection Authority. This allows us to safely transport asbestos waste for disposal.

05 : Air monitoring (Friable & Commercial)

Our team will perform airborne asbestos fibre sampling to assess the effectiveness of our control measures. Air monitoring includes control monitoring and clearance monitoring and is performed whenever ACM (Asbestos-Containing Material) is being removed to ensure the control measures are effective.

06 : Insulation Vacuuming

We also provide a mobile insulation vacuming service.

07 : Friable asbestos removal

The friable asbestos is material which can be reduced to powder by mere hand pressure. Low density board (LDB) is also deemed friable due to its high concentration of asbestos. Our team is comprised of both A and B class removalists. For the removal of friable asbestos our A class licensed removalists ensure that friable asbestos is safely removed according to the strict Workplace Health and Safety regulations. This is regularly carried out at residential, commercial and industrial properties.

What our customers say about us

A1 Asbestos are reliable and can be trusted upon for your asbestos needs. We have worked with A1 across the Brisbane region on our insurance roofing projects and they are always onsite ontime, prompt and efficient. We cannot fault their service and would recommend them to other Construction Trades looking to work in conjunction with a qualified and capable asbestos removalist team.

Ashlea Kerr

Master Roofing Australia
In our recent kitchen renovation, A1 removed three large walls of asbestos for us. I was delighted with the high quality service at every step of the process, from first contact with the administration team (who clearly explained the process and regulations) to "the boys" on site - who were extremely polite, professional, tidy and quick. Their (site unseen) quote was very competitive, almost 40% cheaper than a competitors quote for the same service (including independent air quality testing). Very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend.

Evonne Miller


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