A Home Renovators Guide For Asbestos Removal

Scientific and medical evidence seems to point to the fact that living or working in a structure that contains asbestos in itself is not dangerous. If the asbestos remains in good condition, and the fibers continue to be firmly bound by cement compound, there will be no danger.

If left alone and there is no deterioration or damage, asbestos is not harmful. The moment you decide to carry out even minor renovations on building materials that have asbestos, this is when the risk of asbestos-related illnesses begins to become real. With a home renovator’s guide, you will be able to avoid these pitfalls.

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Renovation Job

You should consider finding alternatives to removing the materials that contain asbestos. Painting, sealing or covering the material with non-asbestos products can be some alternatives. You will need to know the laws that deal with safe practices and procedures when working with asbestos.

You should also consider enlisting the services of a fully insured and licenced asbestos removal professional to safely remove asbestos. If friable asbestos containing materials must be removed, you will have to get a Class A licenced removalist.

Safety is Paramount with Asbestos

It is essential that you put your family and your neighbors into consideration because you are bound by public law to ensure that their health is not affected in any way by asbestos. You can have a chat with your neighbors and explain to them the safety precautions that you will put in place to completely lessen the chances of asbestos fibers getting released into the air.

Another important factor to put into consideration is asbestos testing. Getting samples from the area where you will be working on the renovations and having them tested is an excellent precautionary measure.

Legal Implications related to Asbestos Removal

Homeowners or owner builders are allowed to remove not more than 10 square meters of non-friable or bonded asbestos without having to obtain a certificate. Should the amount of asbestos to be removed pass, the 10 square meters limit, you will have to get an asbestos awareness licence before you can do the removal work or enlist the services of a contractor who hold Class A (Friable Asbestos) and Class B (Bonded Asbestos) asbestos removal licence.

Non-removal work does not require a licence although you still need to put safety precautions in place to ensure that asbestos fibers are not released into the air.

Important Safe Working Procedures

Make sure the work area is cordoned off using a barrier tape so that unauthorized or unprotected people do not enter into the area that is cordoned off. Workers involved in the removal of asbestos sheets should have protective gear which includes disposable coveralls and a P2 respirator dust masks.

Ensure that bonded asbestos is not broken or damaged. In case they are damaged or broken, ensure that there is minimal activity in the area. If possible, make sure that workers operate in areas that have very good ventilation, or in the open air.

A1 Asbestos Removals

We are fully insured, Class A (Friable Asbestos) and Class B (Bonded Asbestos) licenced by Queensland Government and have many years of experience from numerous asbestos removal projects in Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs.

We service residential, commercial and industrial customers and we only use high-quality industrial grade equipment, paying particular attention to detail on every asbestos removal project we undertake. Contact us on  0450369566 or request an Asbestos Removal Cost Estimate online.

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In our recent kitchen renovation, A1 removed three large walls of asbestos for us. I was delighted with the high quality service at every step of the process, from first contact with the administration team (who clearly explained the process and regulations) to "the boys" on site - who were extremely polite, professional, tidy and quick. Their (site unseen) quote was very competitive, almost 40% cheaper than a competitors quote for the same service (including independent air quality testing). Very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend.

Evonne Miller